Virtual Console games hacked and pirated

Well, it was only a matter of time before this happened. A group of guys have figured out how to crack the SNES Virtual Console game 'F-Zero', and, get this, they have posted it online available to download via bittorrent. The size of the file seems reasonable at 3.8MB, which is about the size of most SNES roms that you can get off of emulation websites. Here is some info about the torrent that is avaliable to download here:

iND presents,


Size : 3 487 808 octets
Support : SD Card / Wii
Protection : Nothing

- Nintendo Wii
- SD Memory Card
- Saved Channel *Included*

Instructions : Access your SD card and place the file named 'private'
onto the drive. Take the card out of your system and
place it in the Wii. Navigate to your Wii memory management settings
and find the section that is labeled 'Channels'. You will find two tabs
inside, one for your Wii and the other for the SD card. Select the SD
tab and you will find the saved channel present. Copy it to your Wii
and you will be done.

UPDATE: We've tried it here at GoNext and we jumped the gun. Sorry to report this guys, but its true. The games WILL be hacked at some point, but Nintendo will come out with a patch for it as soon as it happens.

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45 Responses to “Virtual Console games hacked and pirated”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This just makes me wish I had a Wii even more. I need to Wii!  

  2. # Blogger Starayo

    lol, won't be cracked VC games for a while. There's a lot of complimacated encryption that's put into it.  

  3. # Blogger Stephanie

    Maybe it works on US Wii but not on Europeaan Ones.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This sounds like alot of BS to me  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Sure, it's ok, but It won't work. This is no "hack" or "pirate", but a simple plain backup oiption available on all Wiis - they simply backupped the bought game on an SD card, put it in a PC, copied the file and said "we pirated it!" but they didn't know the download is encrypted/signed... so no good news :(  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    IT 'S A REAL FAKE...
    you have success to make a save...
    Wonderful, Just you must be the master of the universe...  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    loada bollox if u ask me, try harder, instead of crackin em, y dont u create a patch?  

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    6Pkell actually, that's brilliant. Thank you. I'm going to pass that on to a couple of people.  

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    Good job!  

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  17. # Blogger tedious monoxide

    on each game there is a console spesific code wich roots it to each machine also there is region encoding so to hack a game it would reqire all the people who want the game free to actually buy a game, see if the code works, edit the copy of the games code (and the code might not work with the game) and eventually get there wii shut down by nintendo who will make a patch for the firmwere. Just buy the fucking game you pirateing retards.  

  18. # Blogger Joshua

    Hello Mr. Tedious Monoxide.
    Did you know that your first sentence is 79 words long? I'm sure you knew that, as you also know that your grammar and spelling are both quite sub-standard.
    Instead of typing "spesific," perhaps you should have typed "specific." Instead of "games," I believe game's would be more proper. We all definitely know that pirating is spelled without an "e" after the "t." Clearly you must have been joking when that was written, especially considering that most modern browsers have built in spell checking capabilities. I'm assuming I don't even need to get into a discussion about capitalization of proper nouns, such as Wii and Nintendo.
    I do have a question, though. Do you actually know what the correct meaning of retard is? I believe you do not, considering the derogatory way in which you used it to describe others whom you have never met, and of whom you do not know the IQs (intelligence quotients). Possibly, due to these reasons I may be able to reason that you are either lazy, ignorant, or even suffering from mental retardation yourself?
    Please note that, unlike you who just outright commented on others derogatorily without any proof for your accusation, I rather have just openly pondered that you possibly may be that way.
    Goodbye, Mr. Tedious Monoxide!  

  19. # Blogger tedious monoxide

    Mr dick head AKA Joshua. For a start, you are a sad loser who actually took the time to count every word in my post. I know what iq means so you were insulting my intelligence by putting the meaning in brackets. I think you'll find i know what retard means. You are one.
    P.S my name is not mr tedious monoxide  

  20. # Blogger Joshua

    Hello again, Tedious Monoxide.
    I apologize for referring to you as Mr. Tedious Monoxide. According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, and according to common usage in the United States and Great Britain, Mr. is an honorific used when addressing a man in order to convey at least some sense of respect. I do hope you will forgive me for my attempt to throw at least a little respect in your general direction.
    I have a few responses for the new post you have made, and analysis of the parts that I think are done fairly well. First off, I do love a good verbal skirmish, and, considering the fact that you have improved your writing skills by actually using a couple of capital letters this time, I would say that this is indeed becoming a good verbal squabble. I appreciate the effort!
    Now, if you reread my previous post carefully, you will very well notice that I specifically mentioned the number of words in your first sentence. Therefore, you cannot reasonably infer that I have counted the number of words in your entire post. By sticking to the facts that can be verified 100% (one hundred percent), your argument will be much stronger and harder to pick apart.
    If you notice, whenever I speculated about something, i explicitly stated so, thereby reducing the chances of being incorrect; if i say that something is a particular way, I can be wrong, and if I say that my opinion is that something is a particular way, then I am correct because I was only asserting that my opinion was that way, rather than asserting that what was said was actually fact.
    I apologize for the explanatory example, I just wanted to ensure that you would understand.
    Regarding your opinion (which was asserted as fact) that I was insulting your intelligence by placing IQ spelled out in parentheses (not brackets), I would like to say that it is inaccurate. I was not doing that to insult your intelligence. Rather, I was doing that in the spirit of formal writing, properness, and clarity. Actually, if you read just about any business and/or legal document in which an acronym or number is used, after the number or acronym is placed in the text it will be written out entirely, similarly to how I did earlier in this very post regarding the percentage of verification. Again, the purpose of that is for formality, properness, and clarity.
    About the comment you made stating that you think that I will find that you are not a retard. Good Job! Fairly well written, in the sense of context. This is because I cannot refute that, as you specified that you are merely stating what you think i will find. However, as I mentioned earlier about stating assumptions as supposed "facts," the statement saying that I am a retard is unverified. Because of this, it can be easily disputed.
    Goodbye, Tedious Monoxide!
    P.S. For clarification, I am not a sad loser. I personally don't think that I can judge if I'm a loser, and frankly, that part doesn't offend me, because that is dependent on viewer-opinion. However, I do wish to say that I am not sad, at all. On the contrary, I am actually quite happy. Also, I have notices that this time around you actually capitalized your sentences. Is this indirectly because of me? Perhaps.  

  21. # Blogger tedious monoxide

    I'm 13.I couldn't careless about formality although I am in top set English so... I do belief it or not not doubt your intelligence as you have shown this in your last posts but seriously, Do you think my mother called me tedious monoxide.  

  22. # Blogger Tom

    Yeah... I caught an error on your part, but hey, I guess I was just hoping you'd waste your time replying to this in some long drawn out response to reclaim your dignity (even though this will be the last 'hit' you'll ever get from me visiting this blog).

    "Possibly, due to these reasons I may be able to reason that you are either lazy, ignorant, or even suffering from mental retardation yourself?"

    That's a statement, not a question?
    Hah? Lol? Get it. I guess you don't follow?
    Yeah... I caught an error on your part, but hey, I guess I was just hoping you'd waste your time replying to this in some long drawn out response to reclaim your dignity (even though this will be the last 'hit' you'll ever get from me visiting this blog).

    "Possibly, due to these reasons I may be able to reason that you are either lazy, ignorant, or even suffering from mental retardation yourself?"

    That's a statement, not a question?
    Hah? Lol? Get it. I guess you don't follow?  

  23. # Blogger Tom

    "I do wish to say that I am not sad, at all."
    Hahah, 'nuther problem with this'un. too many, commas,.  

  24. # Blogger Joshua

    I do get what you are saying, Tom, and I do appreciate what you found. Actually, that was meant as a questioned posed to myself out loud, similar to how you would pose a question in statement form with rising intonation. I will agree that that can be considered as incorrect, but would also like to point out that it is debatable. I admit that that sentence did have too many commas. One unfortunate consequence of law school is that you pick up the nasty habit of using commas too liberally.

    Again, I appreciate that you took the time to read that! I especially liked the form of satire you used while correcting me. It was pure genius.  

  25. # Blogger Tom

    I'm sorry, I usually never hit a blog again (I usually never look at blogs), but I wanted to see what you had to say, because it was inevitable that you wanted to reply to my comment in some form. Anyways your lucky that you're not throwing typos in everywhere, because at my friend's job he's designing websites for lawyers all the time and they've got a nasty habbit of typos in the emails they send him, along with the filler content for the website. BTW, if you need a niiice website with a sleek and professional web 2.0 look to it... *nudge nudge* heheh.  

  26. # Blogger Joshua

    That's cool. If you post up a link i may just look at that.  

  27. # Blogger Jorge

    wow. This fight is has really been taken to new hieghts! in round 1 Mr. Monoxide and Joshua have turned this wii hack thread into an all out brawl! and just when Mr. M. seems to have the last word, Tom comes out of nowhere in round 2 and delivers a fatal blow to Mr. M. where will this fight head? find out next time on VIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRTUAL COOOOONSOOOOOLE!!!!!!

    Guy's really this is retarded. okay so Mr. Mono. made a few grammatical and spelling error's but hey, WHO GIVES A DAMN! honestly you three are all retarded! you seriously care about a thirteen year old types? and Mr. M. you actually care about what this scum says? wwwwwwooooooooooowwwww you guys are both sad. although that doesn't say much about me because this really doesn.t affect my life at all, you morons!  

  28. # Blogger Jorge

    and frankly all of us make mistakes
    who other than prim and proper stuck up snobs spell checks thier work? like, holy crap even i had mistakes

    P.S. when you "assume", you make an ASS out of U and ME  

  29. # Blogger Jorge

    correction: tom hit Josh not Mr. M.  

  30. # Blogger Jorge

    however josh took it in good light  

  31. # Blogger Sean Joudry

    I must say, this is quite the interesting argument.

    Well.. It keeps up advertising revenue, so I support it 100%!  

  32. # Blogger mczack26

    I'm Tedious monoxide but by my proper internet alias cause the guy called me Mr. M (and he is a retard for calling me that :-) Oh no did i make a grammatical error shame I've been with real life friends all night. the only reason that I'm saying this is cause i subscribed. I don't suffer from mental retardation but you my friends; do. I shall return if you reply Zack  

  33. # Blogger Jorge

    hey i'm just lazy, i really don't care about the grammatical errors whatsoever. (i'm only sixteen) personally i would like this tread to move on and back on track about the Virtual Console Games. Nintendo has been greedy. frankly i legally own a copy of F-Zero and Mario kart 64, and, although 10 bucks isn't really expensive I still don't wan't to pay that for every game i have to transfer.


  34. # Blogger Jorge

    does anyone know how to hack yet? F-Zero still doesn't work even though i have the channel on my SD card  

  35. # Blogger al

    wad manager by Waninkoko <--google that ;)  

  36. # Blogger Mark

    You have the ability to download free psp games, no matter how old or new. They also make sure to give you the right software and detailed directions on how to download and transfer your games to PSP. I was really lucky I was able to find them.  

  37. # Blogger Paul


  38. # Blogger Angus

    Joshua, you said:
    "Also, I have notices that this time around you actually capitalized your sentences."
    Did you mean to say:
    "Also, I have noticed that this time around you actually capitalized your sentences."?

    This a rather long Blog for a hack that doesn't exist. Interesting reading though.  

  39. # Blogger Nadroj

    You are all retarded, inept, douches. But mostly "Tedious Monoxide". First of all, your username makes me want to break your face. Shut the fuck up! do you honestly think being 13 makes you cool? Does any one give half a shit about your english grades? Is your brain so impaired by your own retardation that you can not understand a joke?! And you shouldn't be calling anyone a retard, seeing as how the irony in it would be enough to make anyone die of laughter. Seeing as how you are, in fact, mentally impaired, I'll explain this concept to you: You are retarded, and yet you seem to think that others who are saving money by not spending it on outdated games from before you were born are retarded, when it is really shitty people like you who think spending money blindly on any product advertised in front of you makes you a intelligent and or good person. Think before you type, Tedious Monoxide, A.K.A. Douchebag McGee  

  40. # Blogger Jorge

    thank you jordon, point proved. although i'm pretty sure he unsuscribed. (also please don't post something because i spelled your name forward) and well since we were origanally talking about hacking the virtual console i have found something on this subject. (congratulations on any one who reads this far down the page you have truly proven you have nothing better to do) using a hacked savefile of twilight princess. you can add a channel called the homebrew channel. thus allowing you to add emulators to the wii through this channel. google "homebrew channel" and you'll find more info. although be warned that this could seriously brick your wii making it inoperable. other than that and MOD chips (and who really wants to open thier Wii up with the posibility of breaking it, just to save some cash? you could lose 300$ easy that way)there really is no way of hacking the virtual console yet. other than VC. the easiest way to enjoy these games is to play them on their origanal consoles. but like someone said in a post. 10$ for an N64 game is pretty reasonable. 5$ for an NES. EB Games will probably charge you the 10 just for some stupid NES game. like Back To The Future "shudder", or "shudder" "shudder" Gilligan's Island. what a rip  

  41. # Blogger Jorge

    i also can't believe this is still on going. if you look at the date of my first post it was last year! i said i was 16 then. i'm almost 18 now. that's kind of sad really. on my part that is. i nearly forgot about this thread until someone posted something a while ago

    i think it's time i actually unsuscribed. too much vulgarity and brutality really. what with the your a retard! NO, YOUR A RETARD FOR CALLING ME ONE! YOUR BOTH MENTALLY IMPAIRD! I find that it's just not neccesary  

  42. # Blogger Tom

    Haha, new email saying that this post is still going. I bet if we met in real life we wouldn't have much to say and we still wouldn't care what the other person thinks about us.

    But if you want my opinion (rofl) I think we're all idiots to actually believe that our comment will own the other's.

    Well my cock's pretty big, so that being said. I think I win *fanfare*  

  43. # Blogger Jorge

    thank you tom for that ever so lovley closing comment. (HA! you said you rarely hit these things again lol) :-)  

  44. # Blogger mczack26

    Hello, I would like to close this enitre thing once and for all.

    Over the past however long I have almos become 5, matured significantly, stop using retard as an insult and have actually sold my wii. I've gone through 3 different usernames as well, had insults hurled at me and made more freinds.

    This whole thing now however is way overdrawn and unnesacery.

    I ask everyone to get back on topic and stop talking about a silly fight a 13 and 15 year old had ages ago.


    (tedious monoxide)

  45. # Blogger Sean Joudry

    This is the author of this article;

    I never quite understood what you guys were talking about. Since we don't update the site anymore, you guys arguing back and forth is good ad money for us, so we don't mind too much ;)  

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