Import your own songs into Wii Music.

At E3 2006, Shirgeru Miyamoto, the creator of the Mario, Donkey Kong, and Zelda franchise, walked onto the stage of the auditorium waving the "Wii-Mote". When he waved the controller fast, the characters on screen behind him began to play their instruments at a quicker pace, making the music faster. When Miyamoto slowed down the controller, so did the melody.

Since E3, little has been mentioned about the game. It has been rumored that it will be turned into a game, but what Nintendo will do with the demo, dubbed Wii Music, is still unknown. If the game does launch, it would most likely include classic Nintendo songs such as the Mario theme song, the Zelda theme, and other great pieces of music like that, including orchestra music by Bach and Mozart.
But what if Nintendo added another feature into the game? What if they allowed you to import your own music into the game by using a memory card? Then instead of being limited to the 40 or so that would come with the game, you could add the theme song to Star Wars, or some music from the Final Fantasy series.

The only problem with this would be that if you tried to add "Oops, I Did It Again" into the game, the song would not be as satisfying as a classical piece because the vocals would slow down and speed up to much. So obviously all songs would be limited to songs without a person singing.

Would Nintendo allow users to put their own songs into the game? It is highly likely, because doing this would sell more units than without it. Plus Nintendo would not have to put as much work into creating the game. We'll only have to wait and see if anything becomes of this game, but our bet here is that it will be coming out sometime next year.

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