Wii interface, friends code, and other info!

Matt Casamassina, the lucky bum from IGN, recently gave a tour of the Wii system to the public. It was truly amazing to watch and see, here are some of the highlights from the video.

Above shows the "Address Book". This, more likely than not, will be where you can keep a list of you're friends that you know, or meet online in games. On the front of the 'book', you will have your Wii's ID number. This number can be used by your friends in ANY game and they will be able to play you.

This is a picture of what is on of the 'internal flash memory' card inside of the console. Here, you will be able to see what saved games are on the flash drive, and more likely than not, what pictures and music, although that is only a guess.

This is the 'sensitivity' training screen. Here, you will press the 'plus' and 'minus' buttons on the Wii-mote and it will adjust how sensitive the cursor is. Sensitivity will more likely than not be the same in every game.

Here is where you can adjust your wireless options.

Above is a picture (sorry for the quality) of the mail center. Here you have your address book, and also a messages section where your friends can drop off messages to you, and you can send them. (This picture showed up on the internet a week or so ago, but this same scene could be seen during the video clip, so it has been confirmed.)

Its only 21 days or so before North Americans will be able to get their hands on the Wii. And we here at GoNext can't wait.

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