Microsoft to buy Capcom?

According to the lastest issue of EGM, Microsoft is looking to buy the Japanese game developer, Capcom.

Capcom, which has been around for over 25 years, would give the Xbox 360 a large advantage over the other consoles. This would be because they would have exclusives such as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Mega Man, Street Fighter, along with a couple other small brands. Having Resident Evil all to themselves in Japan would definitely help out Microsoft who has never been able to break into the Japanese market well.

Capcom has shown Microsoft a good amount of support recently with the release of the zombie killing game 'Dead Rising', along with the upcoming game, 'Lost Planet'.

Rest assured Sony and Nintendo fans, Capcom would not sell out to Microsoft. If they ever did, then that would mean that the apocalypse is coming.

Nintendo fans may remember when Microsoft bought Rare, the creator of games such as the 'Banjo-Kazooie' series, along with Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, among others back in the early 2000's. But to be fair, Nintendo didn't want the company anymore, so they sold out too. Because of the fact that Microsoft owns Rare, no original games made by the company will appear on the Wii's Virtual console system, like Banjo-Kazooie.

[Update] In response to comment #6,

"Who cares. The games will all still be good, its just that MS will have access the Japanese market. Quit your winging, MS haters! You really want to change things, petition games to be developed for the Mac."
Any company buying out a game developer is not good for the industry overall. Capcom currently develops for all of the consoles, but if Microsoft buys out Capcom, Resident Evil and so on will all be exclusives to the Xbox 360. If Nintendo was planning on buying Capcom, it would still be rather depressing.


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56 Responses to “Microsoft to buy Capcom?”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This is bad.  

  2. # Blogger Harry K.A.

    Damn Microsoft....  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    i can see it happening but damn... thats freaking huge if this goes through.
    I was very happy Microsoft aquired Rare because they did justice to Conker's multiplayer capabilities and i fell back in love with their 'Nintendo only' franchises from 2 generations ago.
    But to say that Capcom, with RE, Megaman, and other huge franchises that are well a lot more famous thank Conker or Banjo to be Microsoft only... i was praying for a Wii style Megaman game too... tear.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    OK, if this indeed goes thru, there goes REvil/Biohazard, Pheonix Wright, Viewtiful Joe, Dino Crisis, Megaman, Breath of Fire, Devil May Cry, Onimusha, Streetfighter, and hundreds others.

    My gods.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    It's only a rumor people. Remember at one time Microsoft was in negotiations to buy out Nintendo (among many others)...  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Who cares. The games will all still be good, its just that MS will have access the Japanese market. Quit your winging, MS haters! You really want to change things, petition games to be developed for the Mac.  

  7. # Anonymous Stryker

    Go Microsoft. This will help them get some of that Japanese market share  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This is ridiculous. It's stupid to think that just because a company is bought by another company that the PEOPLE that work for the original company will still be the same people, doing what they do. Sure, a few might change, but proprietary accquisition doesn't change the artistic drive of developers!

    -Redd Foxx  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I'm scared of that prospect. My favourite Capcom property at the moment is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and while that is appearing on GBA/DS and Microsoft doesn't have a portable games console (yet?) it still throws it's future as we know it into doubt.  

  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Microsoft would probably only want to acquire Capcom's home console development teams. It would also make sense if the Capcom brand was dropped and just the indvidual dev team names were used under the Microsoft Game Studios brand.

    They could then sell the name "Capcom" to anyone who wanted it.

    They would more than likely sell off the hand-held divisions to some other company, like Nintendo if they wanted them too. (MS doesn't care, becuase they don't have a hand-held...) So all you hand-held gamers needn't fret.

    The 360 is the only next-gen console I own and I have NO plans to purchase anything else. (Halo 3, Gears of War, Forza 2) Has everything I need. I don't play Resident Evil, but I might if it becomes an Xbox 360 exclusive and properly takes advantage of the superior hardware.

    All multi-platform games will be limited by the excessive hardware deficiencies of the Wii platform. (It might be fun, but it's pretty d@mn weak in the graphics department...)

    All in all, this would be a fantastic acquisition!  

  11. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Microsoft should buy Dreamworks Animation.

    Think about it for a second....

    They can't get any studio to develop Halo. They are siting on a goldmine with that title and possibly a few others that they can convert to movies.

    Dreamworks is giving Activision all of their franchises like Shrek and Madagascar to convert to games.

    This makes perfect sense to me. Microsoft would get a studio to produce its franchises and in turn own the shrek, madgascar and future dreamworks franchises to convert into games.  

  12. # Anonymous Anonymous

    i hate you microsoft. no more RE or MH on PS3 if this happens. :(  

  13. # Anonymous Anonymous

    "All multi-platform games will be limited by the excessive hardware deficiencies of the Wii platform. (It might be fun, but it's pretty d@mn weak in the graphics department...)"

    Multi platform games are normally the weakest of any console library. Since when has a game been launched within a month for multiple consoles and been a smash hit? It only works the other way around, where a game released for one console is successful and then ported to the others properly.  

  14. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Every upcoming megaman game will disappear O.O


    Lots of games will be directed only to the Xbox 360 or other consoles that microsoft owns

    CAPCOM, DON'T SELL...!!!!! :(

    Micrsoft will earn a lot of money on that deal... eeeehhhhh!!!! *Cry*  

  15. # Blogger CloudKai

    Dammit...seriously, I don't want Microsoft to own Capcom, because I don't have any of Microsoft's gaming product, I only have a mere PS2...even though the chance of Capcom getting bought by Microsoft is about 20%, I still worry. I hope that Capcom will stay as it is...  

  16. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I love Capcom one duodecillion times more than Microsoft. Capcom, don't let this go through, just like what Nintendo gracefully did in the past!  

  17. # Blogger megaman

    Not bad.Capcom will become more rich and make more games for us to play  

  18. # Blogger megaman

    Will All Capcom Games Go to PC?
    I Just Want To know that~  

  19. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Won't happen.  

  20. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I don't understand why it would be so bad? If a company with deep pockets is willing to finance a company like Bungie and let them do their thing autonomously then I think the consumers win. Because then companies like Bungie can take more chances, have bigger budgets, and are probably less likely to RUSH their projects.  

  21. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This is f**cking bad...  

  22. # Anonymous Anonymous

    if this comes true, it is bad. I mean what games did Rare make, other than the xbox conker game, that were remotely good under the microsoft rule.  

  23. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Because then companies like Bungie can take more chances, have bigger budgets, and are probably less likely to RUSH their projects.

    No offense, but if Bungie was taking more 'chances' wouldn't they stop making Halo games and work on new material. Big companies owning development houses won't give them the ability to take risks, in fact MS has shot down previous Bungie projects because they were not Halo 2.  

  24. # Anonymous Bloodman.Exe

    if microsoft does buy out capcom, then the world will be close to ending. games will crash, mirco soft and billagets will be a multi trillionare, and the world will reach its end. just hide in a cave and play capcom games as far away from ms as possible... until confirmation anways....  

  25. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This will destroy all non xbox proyects.... Ryuusei no rockman will be the first and the last one.... Monster Hunter Portable 2nd won be released.... Monster Hunter 3 will be for Xbox360... (well it's doesn't matter, if they release that game it's fine for me XD no matter if it on xbox or ps3)  

  26. # Anonymous Forte.EXE

    NI NAH BE CHOW CHEE BYE! Microsoft want to buy CAPCOM ah? IF that happens, my dear CAPCOM will be know as CRAPCOM if Microbitch buys over. If they were to buy CAPCOM of USA I would'nt mind because most of their dubbing sucks and is rubbish. Fuck la. CAPCOM, If you join Microbitch, Then I, as your regular ROCKMAN, STREET FIGHTER fan, will NEVER purchase ANYTHING from you. I rather either KONAMI or NAMCO buying over you than those rick bastards.

    As for this guy: AKA Redd Foxx who said this:

    This is ridiculous. It's stupid to think that just because a company is bought by another company that the PEOPLE that work for the original company will still be the same people, doing what they do. Sure, a few might change, but proprietary accquisition doesn't change the artistic drive of developers!

    Well, then you are stupid and one of the Microbitches. THINK MAN!

    Remember WESTWOOD and EA (ELECTRONIC ARTS) ? Well, WW's Command & Conquer/Red Alert/Tiberian Sun and Renegade. I remember they were really great games when Westwood and EA were working together WHEN SEPERATED and it turned out good. NOW, when they joined up with EA, they turn a classic Westwood game into a lunchow Warcraft style. No matter how hard they tried, BLIZZARD was a genius, which never fell for their tricks. But Westwood did. See Westwood? What a mockery they made when they released C&C: Generals. They completely ruined the game and turned it Warcraft style. I think if they retained their traditional gameplay, I'd like it. So what if the graphics are nice but has not even a single link to the C&C series? No NOD, GDI, Allies, Soviet. Just some rubbish. MAKE SOMETHING NICE! I have a bad feeling about Tiberium Wars too. So CAPCOM, take this example and DO NOT combine with MICROSOFT. Then they'll call themselves "MICRAPCOM" and I will NEVER buy any games from them! Osama, you should have kamikazed on Microsoft than on the World Trade Center!  

  27. # Anonymous Anonymous


  28. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I don't get you people or should I say KIDS with small brains the circle around SONY. WAKE UP!!! Microsoft is not the evil empire you all think it is. SONY just does as much to purchase companies as Microsoft. But one point to add everytime you support american interests instead of a Japenese company over sea's you keep your MOM and DAD employeed. Every dollar that is spent over there goes to them. NOW BRAIN DEAD CHILDREN do you want your parents to have JOBS and be able to buy cool stuff. THEN SUPPORT your home. Don't be so brainwashed as to believe I LOVE SONY OR NINTENDO they want you to do that, but its time to WAKE THE F#*$K UP!!!!  

  29. # Anonymous Enzen

    Great Job, Microsoft. First Rare, Now this. STOP TRYING WORLD DOMINATION BILL GATES!!!!!!!!!  

  30. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Jeez, Microsoft looking to buy another compnay? Don't Bill Gates have enough money? What more does he want????

    So devilish greedy......


  31. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Microsoft / Bill Gates is not evil. Sheesh. Ask yourself this. Which company donates a bigger percentage to charaties. I said "percentage" because obviously MS has more money then sony. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation helps more people then any other foundation out there currently. Supporting microsoft actually makes this world a better place regardless of thier business practices. Business is business, but when you use your profits to help the world, you're not really that evil. Sony... well.... when was the last time anyone has heard of the "Sony Foundation"?  

  32. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Wow Microsoft tries to buy a company all hell breaks loose, but if Sony (which they can't becuase they are BROKE) would to try to buy Capcom you fanboys would cream your pants and couldn't wait to talk smack. I would rather support Microsoft at least I know a percentage of the proceeds would go to charitible organizations and not to make Turistas 3  

  33. # Anonymous Anonymous

    omg... if this goes down.. it will be VERY bad.  

  34. # Anonymous Anonymous

    You guys are just pathetic. I feel the first party games are 10x better then franchise. Point being, they actually put in extra time on these "exclusives" (typically) Why? Because they are ment for SYSTEM SELLERS. This would be HUGE for Microsoft. I enjoy Sony, but I have owned my 360 and they have done a lot of things right. I had system problems you know what? Thats okay. I got free shipping both ways. Free games and a HDD for my trouble.

    What would Sony do? I had issues with my PS2 launch, guess what, 5 weeks with out it and i PAID for shipping. So, don't hate on americans we take care of our own.  

  35. # Blogger Steve

    M$ is going to do the same thing they did with operating systems. Just keep buying shit out until no one can oppose them. I said this YEARS ago and it's all happening. Rare, M$ tried to buy Sega, now they are thinking about capcom supposedly. I hope everyone wakes up and realizes that microsoft is trying to do the same exact thing they did with windows. They are going to take over, slowly but surely. I dont care how crazy you think I am, it's happened before, and it's going the same way now.

    I really want to point out that I'm not a nintendo or a ps3 fanboy. I'm speaking the truth, and I'm trying to avoid another mess like what we have with IE and Vista, but the populace is more than likely not educated enough about computers and technology to even grasp what's going on.  

  36. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Yay! Go microsoft!If this happens, I'll do the hoola naked on PS3's grave. And those of you who like Capcom games, buy a 360! Ps3 is black sh1t!I can't wait!Sony will lose all the games for their pathetic copying machine!Sony will suck in the market , even in Japan. Go microsoft...Oh ya, for those queer sony fanboys, I'm 3Sicasity.REmember that.  

  37. # Blogger Snoopy

    This is bad *starts to hypervenilate* this is very bad  

  38. # Anonymous Anonymous

    WHOOO HOOO!!! Go Microsoft. I want DMC4 on my 360! This will be great. I have a ps3, but I would break it for Microsoft. I was an xbox fan last gen and figured I would get a 3 this time around, but now I am regretting getting a ps3. I would much rather play DMC4 on 360. Better graphics on 360 anyway. Do it Microsoft it will hardly dent ur reserves. Plus its more money to charity. Unlike those Jap consoles  

  39. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Yeah Microsoft!!! I would love to see Sony boys trade their playwithemselves 3 and HAVE to buy 360 for Capcom games. This will be awesome and I just cant wait to see Sony boys faces. lololololololololol. Go ahead and purchase that big black japanese piece of sh1T......HAHA  

  40. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Oh Boy!!! I really hope this happens. Rare just plain sux. If Microsoft buys Capcom we will get titles like DMC4 and DMC4 is the ONLY reason I bought a ps3. Looks like ebay, good bye ps3. I couldnt give a rats ass about MGS4, plus its gonna end up on 360 anyway. Farts smell great my friends and nothing will please me more then to watch my dogs butthole open and spew liquid sh1t on my ps3 before I send it through ebay. lol stinky poops, fart, piss, jizz.  

  41. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I think this would be a good move for microsoft. They need to buy Capcom. Microsoft is doing everything right thus far. Buying Capcom will descemate Sony owners. As a matter of fact, Microsoft has enough money to buy all the top developers and still have more money than Sony. Plus, Sony always buys exclusitivity rights so why not let Microsoft do it. I had to buy a ps2 for GTA 3 when it first came out and I was a Nintendo person back then. Now I have a 3 systems, my wii hasnt seen action for weeks, ps3 hasnt seen action for about 6 days and my 360 never gets a break. I love my 360, go Microsoft.  

  42. # Anonymous Anonymous

    @#$@ you 3Sicasity Microsoft doesn't deserves Capcom. Sony should get the organixation.
    ****America go Japan!  

  43. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Don't you think that xbox 360 owners should get motorstorm? don't you think it would look and run a lot better? The reason I think It would run better is because the 360 doesn't have a crazy learning curve to unlock it's processing power the way the cell does. i mean what good is a corvette if you can't drive it? I think that it would look great being rendered at 720p with more particle effects which we all know the xbox is great at rendering, also the track deformation would run well. I think that we should beg microsoft to get the rights to this game. It's great if your a racing fan. I mean dirtbikes, ATV''s, Rally cars. Not to mention I saw a rider grab his crotch and thrust at another driver! what the hell kinda crazy AI do they have for that game anyway?

    Please let me know what you think.

    oh P.S.

    If you want to see that pre rendered vid from 05 in real time you can't do it without the 360!  

  44. # Anonymous Anonymous

    If microsoft buy Capcom i will be pissed off... Capcom is on of my fav co. and if they get DMC and RE i Will bloody kill microsoft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

  45. # Blogger KJ

    Microsoft buying off all 3rd party developers won't help them in the long run. True, the will have the advantage, but MS needs to play its cards well by securing an exclusive title of a series (say Resident Evil 5) or getting unique games (like it is doing out of ex-Square staff)  

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