World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Launch Date Announced (For Now)

If you are a loyal citizen to Azeroth like I am, then it's more then likely you are highly anticipating the game's first expansion pack, Burning Crusade. The game is expected to be released on January 16 in both North America as well as Europe. The game is being released in a standard edition, as well as a limited edition, packed with a bunch of extras. The expansion includes two new races, the Drenai and Blood Elves, and a higher level cap of 70, among other things. Blizzard is hoping to release one expansion every year, but with all the delays of Burning Crusade, I doubt that it will happen.

On another note, the population of Azeroth has exceeded 7.5 million. It's only a mater of time until WoW out sells The Sims and becomes the highest selling game of all time.

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