'Blue Dragon' to be the 'Halo' of Japan.

Ever since it's release, the Xbox 360 hasn't been selling very well in Japan. That all changed yesterday when a bundle pack including Blue Dragon went on sale for pre-order. The 10,000 bundle packs sold out almost immediately at all stores. The other consoles without the game pack-in have also begun to pick up in sales. Blue Dragon may be the 'Halo' of Japan, helping boost the Xbox name to sucess in a Nintendo/Sony stronghold.

The Xbox made almost no headway in Japan when it launched, and through-out it's generation. Blue Dragon may help bring the 360 to a moderate success and give Sony and Nintendo a run for their money in their maiden country.

With the Wii and PS3 launch approaching, you can expect that Q4 is going to be pretty busy in Japan.

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