Microsoft reveals an Xbox 360 with 60GB hard drive!

At a Microsoft press conference today, Microsoft made a little mistake.

While showing the Xbox 360, curiously enough, in the top corner of the screen, you can see that it says that the hard drive that the Xbox 360 is using contains a 60 GB! This is a a giant leap over the 20 GB hard drive that launched with the top of the line '360' unit.

Microsoft may be coming out with a 60GB hard drive version to rival the top of the line Playstation 3 which has a 60 GB hard drive as well. This new version will most likely come out once Microsoft cuts the price in the current 360's, so this new one will not be too expensive.

This is just another way that Microsoft is shoving it to Sony.

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12 Responses to “Microsoft reveals an Xbox 360 with 60GB hard drive!”

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    Can you say dev kit?  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    All dev kits carry a 60GB HD. So no big deal.  

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