'Playstation Store' VIDEO and more news

This just in guys, we have a video of the 'Playstation Store' that will be featured on the Playstation 3. This is rich, they think that the PS3 will have the largest online network. But I guess time will tell.

In the store you can get demos for the latest retail games, watch trailors for movies, you can buy PS1 content on the PS3, and also said something about playing PS3 games online without buying the disk from retail. We don't really know what they mean by this though, if they mean you can buy PS3 games online, or just certain levels.

Also, this is AMAZING, but once you buy content on the store, you can download it as many times as you want. You can also go to your friends house, log into your account, and download the content on up to 5 different systems.

They also said downloadable games will be 14.99 and less. We presume that they were talking about PS1 games. Which is fairly cheap, but still more expensive that the N64 games that the Wii will be offering for about $10. The store will also show what other people are downloading and what games are most popular.

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