Sony to make an iTunes for the PS3

Yesterday we found out that Sony is planning to make the Playstation 3 the media hub of the living room by selling videos, music, and TV shows online available to download directly to the console. Essentially, making an iTunes type service for the PS3.

John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment, said that the service could offer any DRM type content, such as "movies, music, and TV shows". The content downloaded will be stored on the hard drive, and then there would surely be another way to get the content off of the disk.

Movie titles will likely have two plans, a rental service, which would cost around $5, and a service that you could actually buy the movie, which would cost around $25 for HD, and $15 for standard definition.

The PS3 is starting to shape up to be the main media center of the household, but will Sony be able to make a service that is simple and unique enough to take users away from watching shows and movies on their iPod? The one problem with iTunes is that you can only watch content on your iPod of computer. The 'Playstation Store' could be the iTunes of the living room.

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    so much crap, AppleTV is there now, ITunes DRM is fading away, and still no good media player for the PS3.  

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