Wii news from EDGE magazine

Here is some of the latest news about the Wii coming out of EDGE:

  • Sega has moved development staff away from the PS3 to the Wii over the summer.
  • Nintendo is planning to launch a DVD enabled Wii in Japan later next year.
  • CNN will provide news for the Wii's News Channel in both American and Japan. They will be separated by category and country.
  • Wii Sports will be the Super Mario 64 of the Wii
  • There are still numerous Wii Channel slots left open, which will most likely be filled in firmware updates.
  • Nintendo would have launched the Wii at $200 but they were pressured to raise the price by retailers. (It doesn't make much sense really, but supposedly it was because of margins and junk like that.)
Also, just an interesting little fact, in an interview with Laurent Fischer, the marketing director at Nintendo of Europe, he said he's not worried about people downloading ROMS and playing the games on their computer, because most people want to play it on their TV with a good controller anyways.

Truth be told though, you could just hook your laptop up to the TV and get a PC controller at the store, but most Nintendo fans will buy the games from the Virtual Console anyways.

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  1. # Blogger Wheeliedude

    Why only in Japan?

    Those wacky retailers and their money -grubbing ways...  

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