You can now cook on the Wii

Majesco today confirmed that "Cooking Mama: Cook Off" will be coming out for the Wii. This means that gamers will be able to slice and dice, all using the Wii-mote.

This is great news for Nintendo, which hopes to grab casual gamers and non-gamers with more simple games. This game will fall under that category, and will hopefully help Nintendo sell a couple more consoles. Coming to a nursing home near you soon!

From Majesco:

"Making special use of the Wii Remote, Cooking Mama: Cook Off is an entertaining blend of mashing, slicing, chopping and stirring as players create more than 300 real-world recipes from 10 different nations. New realistic graphics and real-time cooking effects lend authenticity to player creations and help budding chefs determine when food is overcooked. Best of all, Cooking Mama: Cook Off offers 2-player kitchen competitions to determine who can cook the best meal the fastest. "

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    Take a look to the first Cooking Mama Wii video :  

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