EA sequals for next generation

EA has said which games they will be producing sequals for in the next generation, and it is a pretty interesting list.

The Wii will get its very own 'The Sims' game for itself, which is sure to be a hit. It might even possibly resemble the PC version since the Wii-mote could be used as something like a mouse. The Playstation 3 will get "The Sims 2: Holiday Edition", which is also coming out on the PC, so its gameplay should be interesting to see. And our best friend, the PC, will be getting 'The Sims 3' by 2009. Another Sims game, 'SimCity', will also come back to the table. This game will most likely be called 'Sim City 5', but we cannot verify that, because EA may not want to call it that, or may not make a true sequel to the city building series.

Another Lord of the Rings game will also be coming to the next generation, most likely all of the consoles and the PC. A sequel to 'Black' will also be coming out at some point. 'Army of Two' and 'Crysis' have both been delayed until after March, 2007.

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    Hope they get a Sim City 5. It's been years and there is a huge fan base of this game.  

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