Mario Party 8 for the Wii screenshots

Here are a couple of screenshots for the upcoming game, 'Mario Party 8', for the Wii. And to start off, sorry they're so small, but its either this or nothing.

The graphics appear to break the horrible ones in the previous games. Interestingly enough, it appears that Samus makes an appearance in the game. This is good news, because the same old characters game after game were starting to get repetitive. Strangely, if you look at the screenshot at the very bottom, you can see a scene which resembles the environment that 'Super Mario Galaxies' is based in.

So far, there is no clue to when the game will be released, but once the first one comes out, you can expect another one to follow year after year. Maybe at some point, Nintendo will try refreshing the series by calling it something different. Like 'Nintendo Party' maybe?

Curiously, to the second screenshot to the bottom, you can see a 4 and 2 way split screen. This enforces the obvious fact that the game will have multiplayer play, but does it also mean that it will have online play? Lets all hope so because this game was meant to be played online, and Nintendo hopefully will realize that.


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9 Responses to “Mario Party 8 for the Wii screenshots”

  1. # Blogger LuminousSpecter

    I'd say it'd be better served to be called "Super Smash Party" or something like that. I always thought the word "Smash" in Smash Brothers was a reference to smashing a ton of different characters into one game. They could also do the same with Mario Kart and other properties.  

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