Walmart has $500 Wii bundle

WalMart as a very special bundle for its customers. Its the "Nintendo Wii Customer Choice's Bundle"

The package includes:
  • The Nintendo Wii Hardware
  • Nintendo Wii Remote Controller
  • Nintendo Wii Nunchuck Controller
  • Nintendo Wii Points Card
  • 4 Wii Games
The total price is $533.56. The bundle is kind of dumb though considering you won't save much money, depending on how much the games are selling for without the bundle. At most, you might save 15 bucks depending on exact game price, but how many people out there are going to buy 4 games on launch day, along with an extra controller combo?

This is just WalMart's way of suckering in Nintendo fans who can't get a Wii anywhere else, so they make them buy it with 4 games and other stuff with it. This is where WalMart makes the most money, in their games. When selling the console, they only make about $7 or so. They make over $10 by selling a game and other add-ons.


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12 Responses to “Walmart has $500 Wii bundle”

  1. # Anonymous Tigah

    Maybe if it was 3 games, and you could choose them, as well as a classic controller, points card, extra remote and system, for like, 400 bucks. Sounds good? I think so, but I can't do math. Dx  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Over Priced

    4 Games x $49.82 = $199.28
    1 Wii Remote x $39.82 = $39.82
    1 Wii Nun Chuck x $19.82 = $19.82
    1 2000 Wii Points Card x $20 = $20
    1 Wii System x $249.24 = $249.24

    Total: $528.16

    The price should only be $528.16. Shouldn't you be saving money.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    No, you shouldn't be saving money, you get to buy the system without sleeping outside all night. Walmart isn't the only company doing this, EB games and other online companies also did this last year with an XBOX bundle for around $750 with shipping.  

  4. # Blogger Tom

    528.16 plus 36.97 for 7% tax = $565.13

    or Walmart deal $533

    you decide


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