Nintendo interview about Virtual Console

Computer and Videogames recently had an interview with Nintendo asking them about the Virtual console. Check out the interview here, or below.

Do N64 games on Virtual Console have the rumble feedback compatibility?
Nintendo: The rumble feature is not supported on N64 games downloaded to the Virtual Console.
Multiplayer games - will these now incorporate an option to allow the second/third/fourth player to connect over the internet to play, as some PC emulators have made possible?
Nintendo: All games will be faithful recreations of the original versions so they will not feature new functions like multiplayer or internet play if the original title did not.
Will the Wii iron out all slow-down that existed in old games, including the 2D formats? It would be great to play all the old games at a silky-smooth framerate, but some retro gamers, for some reason, consider the slowdown to a part of the game's old-school appeal.
Nintendo: The Virtual Console games faithfully reproduces the original game in all areas, including content, movement and expressions. Principle programming, characters, sound etc. have not been changed.
Being as the Wii classic controller cannot be used to play GameCube games, will Nintendo continue to produce and sell GameCube controllers?
Nintendo: No plans have been announced to date. But Nintendo GameCube accessories are still available from all good retailers.
How configurable will controls be? The N64, with its C-buttons, effectively had six face buttons. The VC controller only has 4. How will this mapping work?
Nintendo: Controller layouts will be determined on a game-by-game basis and detailed in the electronic manual.
Will their be any price difference between buying Wii Points through the online Wii Shop Channel and via retail stores?
Nintendo: Wii points will cost the same online as they do in retail. They can be purchased on the Wii Shop Channel using all major credit cards. 2000 points cards will cost €20 (£14) both online and in shops.
Will there be a published release schedule of VC games or will they just come out as and when?
Nintendo: More Virtual console games will be announced at a later date. New Virtual Console titles will be added in 2007 and beyond creating a constantly growing library of games.
How large (in storage terms) will VC games be? At present what is the average size for games on each of the formats?
Nintendo: Games vary in size but approximately NES games will be 1MB, SNES 5MB and N64 32MB.
How will VC games be organised on the channels page? Will each game be an individual channel or can users group say all the titles of one format (SNES) or all the titles of one series (Zelda)?

Nintendo: Each VC title downloaded will be displayed as an individual channel. Users may move these channels around to suit them.

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