FIRST Farcry Vengeance Wii video

Here is the first video for the Wii version of Farcry.

The game is an announced launch title and many fans of the PC version and Xbox game will enjoy this version. You guys say what you think of the video, we don't want to get into it this time.


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28 Responses to “FIRST Farcry Vengeance Wii video”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Looks freakin' sweet IMO!!  

  2. # Blogger lenin

    water looks ok, everything else is jank, n64 style.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hmm looks like the first farcry.

    Gears of war is better. We want next gen, not old news with a gimmick controller.  

  4. # Blogger Alex

    That looks damn awesome :o  

  5. # Blogger Karl

    Im not sure where you are coming from with the n64 style 'jank'... The videos don't do this thing any justice for a starter. There is a surprisingly high polygon count IMO. The only thing that will really really let down the Wii, (as the n64 and even the cube did before it) is the texture memory.. Everything will be a lot more blury in comparison with the other new consoles because texture maps won't be as detailed :( I think though, most people will not have televisons capable of seeing all that detail anyway! Another important thing to remember is that this game is not next-gen. Its an old game that was probably a gamecube game in the first place... Just as Zelda isn't the best graphics this system can produce, neither is this game.  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    @#3 well you can have your next gen crap i want new gen  

  7. # Blogger EssPea Photography

    "We want next gen, not old news with a gimmick controller."

    I hope you aren't buying a PS3 because you are going to be disappointed with their 'sixaxis' controller.  

  8. # Blogger Jason

    "water looks ok, everything else is jank, n64 style" I think you're forgetting what the N64 looked like. Seriously, that looks nothing like Goldeneye.

    "We want next gen, not old news with a gimmick controller."

    Tell that to the sold out Wii preorders.  

  9. # Blogger Mauricio

    Go to IGN for a better quality version of video.

    Yeah, the only thing I'm upset about is the low-rez textures. Karl is right though, developers need to push the Wii to it's limits, which they're definitley not at the moment.  

  10. # Anonymous frostbyte

    All the PS3 and XBox fanboys are crying because its Wii only. Sucks for you guys.  

  11. # Blogger Scott

    I agree, It looks like the first farcry.  

  12. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Everyone complaining that this games looks like the first one and set that as a negative point need to STFU.

    The New SMBros looks like the last 4 ones and its an awesome game. It's all about the gameplay.  

  13. # Anonymous graphicartist2k5

    any person that gripes about this game's graphics sucking ass needs to be smacked upside the damn head. seriously. get the hell over this "it's gotta be as good as an x-box 360's graphics before i'll EVER think about playing it" mentality, because nintendo isn't even going for that at all with their system. from what i remember about nintendo, they've always focused more on the funfactor of the games on their systems more than the graphics, which in this day and age still works better in my opinion.  

  14. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Wow it really does look terrible

    the graphics are worst than my xbox 1 god they are bad they look like far cry pc set to low everything  

  15. # Anonymous RB

    "Wow it really does look terrible

    the graphics are worst than my xbox 1 god they are bad they look like far cry pc set to low everything"

    Are you like 9 years old or something? Punctuation perhaps?  

  16. # Blogger Jenoosia

    Sweet-looking graphics, IMO. Only thing visually down with the graphics are the simple-looking textures.  

  17. # Anonymous scratchresistor

    Can I just point out the graphics quality of Pacman, Space Invaders, Super Mario Brothers, and, say, Goldeneye, Ocarina, Mario Kart, etc. etc.

    They were all such awful games, weren't they?

    Or am I missing the point?  

  18. # Blogger dami

    This look peng actully and improvment in graphix scince the last one  

  19. # Anonymous Anonymous

    i don't see the problem with the graphics, and the gameplay looks freakin' sweet.

    it sure looks way better than a lot of gamecube, ps2, and xbox games i can think of...  

  20. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I bought this game ind it's a blast  

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