'Wii Play' game, with screenshots!


Nintendo of Europe has updated their website with screenshots and more information on a new game, 'Wii Play'.

In Wii Play, the star of the game is you! Create your own personal Mii character with the Wii console's built-in Mii Channel and then play as yourself in this compilation of nine simple, fun games like target shooting, table tennis and fishing.
Wii Play comes bundled with a free Wii Remote, so a friend can instantly join in the action in any of the included games. You can play at home or save your Mii on your Wii Remote and play with it on a friend's console, or use any of the six ready-made guest characters.

Wii Play's nine different games are the perfect introduction to what the Wii Remote can do:

Shooting Range
A modern version of the Nintendo classic Duck Hunt. Shoot the targets on the screen simply by aiming your Wii Remote.

Find Mii
Can you spot a face in the crowd? Use your Wii Remote to point out the correct Mii characters as quickly as you can.

Table Tennis
How long can you ping pong? Use your Wii Remote like a paddle to bat the ball and try to beat the computer or human opponent.

Pose Mii
Twist the Wii Remote to rotate the Mii characters and quickly slot them into the correct positions as they fall down the screen.

Laser Hockey
Tilt and turn the Wii Remote to bash the puck into the opponent's goal, in this high-speed arcade-style game.

In this version of Nine Ball, aim the Wii Remote at the screen to line up your shot, then pull back and push forward to strike the ball.

Move the Wii Remote like a rod: dip the hook in the water, wait for the fish to bite (the controller will rumble) and pull back hard to land it!

Take the bull by the horns! Steer your wild steer by holding the Wii Remote sideways, as if gripping reins, and topple scarecrows to score points

Take control of a tank with the Wii Remote; aim the cannon, bounce shells off walls, and blast your opponent to bits!

•Includes free Wii Remote

•Features nine different games, all playable by one or two players

•Each player can create a Mii character and use it as their in-game persona

•Save your Mii on your Wii Remote and use it on a friend's console

•Compete with friends to earn high scores and earn bronze, silver and gold medals

We cannot guarantee if this game will be coming to North America, stay tuned for details.

[UPDATE] IGN has some short videos over at their site.

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18 Responses to “'Wii Play' game, with screenshots!”

  1. # Blogger Corey

    This would be a great compliment to the who Wii philosophy. And a Wii-mote to boot? I just wanna know how much it costs.....if it's even coming to America.  

  2. # Anonymous magicjames

    I played this game at Nintendo Fusion Tour, but it was called Duck Hunt Wii and i played the terget practice and table tennis (which i wasnt supposed to play i found out later) and the game works fine but its nothing special.  

  3. # Anonymous imAmooMOOcow

    I think the most amazing part about this is that you can save your Mii on the controller. I would be awesome if this was expanded to let you use your controller as a memory card.  

  4. # Anonymous Mage

    The Wiimote has like 6kb of storage space, so I doubt it'll be useful as a memory card.
    Wii Play looks awesome, hope it doesn't end up costing like 80 bucks.  

  5. # Blogger TheDeedsTechShow

    how much? I mean, it comes with a controller.  

  6. # Blogger kaddar

    Oh wow I've been excited about pose wii for a while, glad they finally announced the game it is in. These games look really basic, but I play the hidden snake game for time splitters 2 more than I do ts2, so they interest me.  

  7. # Anonymous Melissa

    this game looks good a gr8 way to get used to the new wii controller and it cost £34 british pounds but it does also come with a controller gr8 stuf xmelx  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I was at EBgames today, and heard about Wii Play from the associate working there.

    He said it's going to retail for 50, and it comes with another wii mote. WIN.  

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