Only one color of Wii

In a recent interview, Nintendo’s Planning General Manager Mitsuaki Hagishima, said that Nintendo has no plans to release the Wii in different colors, but they will with the Wii-motes. He said this in a recent issue of Nintendo Dream in Japan.

This would make the Wii like their competitor Microsoft, who is only offering the Xbox 360 in white. The Playstation 3 will be coming in three colors, Black, Silver, and White.

The different color Wii-motes will be offered so that gamers will not confuse their controllers with their friend's ones. It is strange that the Wii will not be coming in other colors considering that the in previous videos, black was shown.

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14 Responses to “Only one color of Wii”

  1. # Blogger Crystal

    Not that strange, think of the iMac debacle. If you release a bunch of colors at launch, people will fight to get the color they want and will bitch and gripe to retailers if they can't get their favorite colour, which causes headaches for everyone.  

  2. # Blogger David

    Not bad. There's been a bunch of prototype Wii colors show, white, black, red, and green, at the very least. A nice green wiimote will be perfect for me though :)

    It would be cool though, if you could save and keep your profiles on your wiimote, for example for super smash bros, any shooting games, or really any game that will have an affinity for multiplayer play.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    You CAN.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Xbox 360 is white but you can also buy custum skins to put on it. Maybe Nintendo is going to follow the same  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    There is atualy 5 different colors:Black Yellow Red White Grey  

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