Wii Sports, put simply, fails

Matt from IGN has updated his blog and this time he is talking about Wii Sports.

The news about the Wii isn't good. Here is a little exert from is blog:

" Take, for example, Wii Sports Tennis. You don't control anything except the swing of your player's racket. The movement of these Mii-alike athletes is all done automatically by the game. You simply swing the Wii remote back and forth to make your on-screen character do the same thing. You can even control the power of your shots. Nothing to it and true enough, most of the time it all works and feels just fine. You swing the racket and your motion is reflected on the tennis court. However, ether I'm completely missing something or sometimes the directions and motion of your swings goes ignored. You might swing your racket to the left, for instance, and the ball will go flying off to the right, anyway. "

He also has many more complaints. Make sure to check out his website.


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