5 year old doesn't like SixAxis

This isn't good news. A Kotaku writer's son tried out the PS3's motion sensing controls and said that he prefered the thumbstick over the motion sensing controls.

This is really bad news for Sony when a 5 year old isn't fond of the controller, but once again, hes a 5 year old, so its not like he is a pro at reviewing games or anything. We'll just have to wait and see how the controller is going to be.

There is no doubt that if Sony's motion sensing component is done right, then driving games will be amazing! With the Wii, you are tilting a stick side to side, but with the PS3, it will feel like you are kind of riding a bike. Yes yes, you can get the 'Steering Wheel' component for the Wii, but the PS3 racing games will be amazing, especially with the great graphics and effects.

Source [Kotaku]

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