Wii Startup Disk photo

Joystiq has a photo of the Wii Startup Disc that we reported on earlier last month.

It appears that we were correct and it is a simple firmware update. Although what do you think the Wii will be like without the firmware update? We'll make sure we test it out once we get our Wii on Novermber 19th.

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  1. # Blogger K.

    So I got mine this morning after waiting in line for about 9 hours, and when i got it home, it wanted a STARTUP DISK before it would do anything at all! And then the disk was not included! I found out that it's happening all over, but you could just connect to a wireless system, and the wii would automaticly get what it needed. So far, i have had no luck with this. So I called the big "N", and the lines are tied up bad. I heard from Best Buy (Where I got it) that Nintendo would overnight one to you if you could get ahold of them. Nice. So now my money is gone, and i have to TRY, and call nintendo, then wait for the disk to get to me. YAY! More waiting! Shape it up N!!!  

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