Yay! Wii Accessories!

EBgames has a bunch of accessories for the Wii on their website. They're pretty interesting too.

First up, as you can see below, there is an SD card out with the name 'Wii' on it. Thats all, nothing special here. The only reason that is has the Wii on it is to try and get people who don't know much about videogames to buy it. This is because some people may worry about compatibility with the Wii, but if the name of the console is specifically on it, they will feel much better.

Second up we have a stand for the Wii, and the Wii-mote and nunchuck. It looks pretty slick from the photo, even though the photo appears to be a prototype picture because everything looks mildly photoshoped. It looks pretty good, hopefully the plastic won't be cheap and have a crappy feel to it. The product sells for $19.99, which isn't bad if you want to be able to keep all of your Wii things together.

Who really gives a crap about the following item. Its just a case to put game disks in with the word 'Wii' on it. Most people would rather keep their games in their respective boxes anyways, so this is kind of foolish.

Here is a case to hold the Wii-mote in along with some SD cards. Nothing much to see here either.

We also have to mention this 3rd party nunchuck, as seen in a previous post. This one is confirmed as it can be seen on the Walmart website. To quote the previous article we wrote about this,
"Its not just a nunchuck in itself, it also comes packed in with a stand that will hold the Wii console, SD cards, the nunchuck, and it also appears to be capable to hold the Wii-mote behind the nunchuck. It doesn't look very slick though. It looks kind of sloppy and cheaply made, but it is nice to see that metal will hold the nunchuck and Wii-mote instead of cheap plastic."

Last we have a Wii 'Sling' bag being advertised on Barnes & Noble. This is actually a pretty good idea! The size of the Wii is very small, making the system very portable, so why not have a specific bag to hold the system in, along with all of its games? The only problem with it is that you're basically advertising that you have a Wii in your bag, so prepare to get mugged.

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