Jack Thompson has a new target

Jack Thompson just doesn't know when to quit. He is now targeting Mortal Kombat Armageddon because the player can create a generic white man with grey hair and a business suit and name him "Jack Thompson." This can be done in the create a character mode. Jack wants Midway to stop selling the game all together. But of course, since he's always on the cutting edge of gaming news, he would have known about last years Soul Calibur 3. Soul Calibur 3 also featured a custom character mode where you could recreated the likes of, oh lets say, Jesus, and have him get the crap kicked out of him. Way to stay on the ball Jack!

Even though I'm very against his accusations, I can understand his reasoning behind getting GTA: San Andreas banned. After he wanted to get the "T" rated game Bully baned, he just seemed like a prick, but this officially makes Jack Thompson seem insane. Yeah I said it, just try to sue us Jack!


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