30 Virtual Console games 5 weeks after launch

Go Nintendo has received a press release that says how many virtual console games will be out within the first 5 weeks of the Wii's launch.

It is a rather disappointing list. There are:

12 NES games
2 SNES games
1 N64 game
10 Sega Genesis games
5 TurboGrafx 16 games

And, yes, we did not get that wrong, there will only be two SNES games and one N64 game. The two SNES games are rather disappointing too, F-Zero and Sim City. The one N64 game will be, obviously, Super Mario 64. It is rather strange that Nintendo is offering more Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx 16 games than their own ones. Maybe they are trying to start off strong with the other two company's consoles.

NES games will start at 500 Wii Points, SNES 800, N64 1000, Genesis 800, TurboGrafx 16 games will be 600. I love the fact that "start" is thrown in there, which makes us here at GoNext think that some games will be more than others. This might happen if Nintendo can not get a good deal with 3rd parties and have to give them a little more money or something such as that. Or enhanced games that Nintendo may have redone.

Lets all hope that the SNES and N64 games are released more steadily in 2007. Check out the full game list below.

"Virtual Console talk: NES games start at 500 Wii points, Super NES games start at 800, and N64 titles start at 1000. Sega Genesis games start at 800 Wii points, TurboGrafx 16 titles start at 600 points. Take note of the wording…all purchasts start at a certain point. It leads me to believe that certain titles may be more.

List of Virtual Console games available by the end of December…

NES - Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Ice Hockey, Pinball, Soccer, Tennis, Urban Champion, Wario’s Woods, Baseball, and Solomon’s Key.

SNES - F-Zero, Sim City

N64 - Super Mario 64

Sega Genesis - Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Columns, Ecco the Dolphin, Gunstar Heroes, Space Harrier II, Toe Jam & Earl, Ristar, and Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine

TurboGrafx 16 - Bonk’s Adventure, Super Star Soldier, Victory Run, Bomberman ‘93, and Dungeon Explorer"


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Splinter Cell for the Wii is awkward

There is a new video of 'Splinter Cell: Double Agent' for the Wii is online. And after watching it, the game just looks awkward.

In the top right-hand corner, you can see the player's hands and the controller with it. Throughout the entire gameplay, it just looks like a big pain in the butt, and I would rather play it with the Gamecube or 'Classic' controller over the 'Wii-mote'.

Check it out and tell us what you think.


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Wii/Gamecube comparision of CARS

Below, you can see screenshots of the the Wii version, and the Gamecube version of Cars. You can cleary see a graphical difference. It looks pretty good too, its nothing "HOLY CRAP" amazing, but on a Nintendo console, it looks pretty cool.


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Xbox 360 wireless headset is SLICK

Microsoft has announced their wireless Xbox 360 headset to be used on Xbox Live, and we have to admit, that it looks really slick.

All you have to do is hook it around your ear and talk into it, its that easy. With a wireless controller, and a wireless headset, nothing can stop you!


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Final Fantasy III site up!

The website for Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS is up. And the site is very well done.

Check it out

Thanks to GoNintendo for the heads up

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2K hitting for the Wii, but not with GTA

A while ago, a lot of websites were reporting that Nintendo was in talks with 2K to get their support of the Wii console. A lot of speculation began that maybe Nintendo was trying to get a version of the popular crime based game, 'Grand Theft Auto', onto the Wii.

Sadly, GTA will not be showing up on the Wii anytime soon, but 2K is putting some effort into the system, this time it will be in the form of a baseball game. The game will be called 'The BIGS', and it will be released during the summer of 2007 on the Xbox 360, PS2 and 3, PSP, and the Wii. So it isn't an exclusive for the Wii, but at least developers are jumping on board to support the console, instead of snubbing it for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Don't be surprised if they end up dropping production of the PS3 version of the game. This holiday season may decide that, it all depends on if 2K is confident in the console or not. If the PS3 version isn't dropped, it would not be a huge surprise if the PS2 one is.

Here is an article from the Game Press:

NEW YORK, NY - October 31, 2006 - 2K Sports, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: TTWO), announced today a unique, new sports title that adds more explosive excitement to baseball video games than ever before - The BIGS. This over-the-top baseball action title puts an entirely new spin on Major League Baseball as it blends outrageous visuals and intuitive gameplay mechanics to bring fans a brand new MLB video game experience.

“The BIGS is sure to turn a few heads as it pioneers a completely different way of playing an MLB video game,” stated Greg Thomas, President of Visual Concepts, a 2K Sports studio. “2K Sports is always looking to deliver the most innovative and eye-catching sports video games to fans and The BIGS is one of 2K Sports’ most dynamic titles to date.”

Developed by Blue Castle Games, The BIGS brings blazing graphics to huge proportions with larger-than-life MLB player models and ballparks. Featuring fantastic pitching, batting, and fielding animations, gamers can also take advantage of spectacular power-ups with outrageous special effects. As a standard for all major 2K Sports titles, The BIGS features online play for up to four players, making it a grand slam for online baseball battles.

At the helm of The BIGS is Dan Brady of Blue Castle. Dan is best known as the creator of and Technical Director on the EA Sports MVP Baseball series of games. Joining Dan at Blue Castle is a number of experienced baseball developers, including Jason Leigh - the Lead Designer of MVP baseball. “This is an extremely exciting time for fans of baseball videogames, as Blue Castle Games has assembled an absolute all-star lineup for this game,” stated Greg Thomas.

The BIGS will be available for the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PLAYSTATION®3 and PlayStation®2 computer entertainment systems, the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system, and Nintendo’s Wii™ home video game console. The BIGS is slated for release in summer 2007.

For more information, log onto www.2ksports.com

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New Super Smash Brothers Brawl trailer on it's way

We start off today with some good news. Nintendo is going to release a new Super Smash Bros. Brawl trailer during their "Nintendo World 2006" tour. It has been confirmed that the trailer will reveal a new character. It's not known yet if it's going to be a Nintendo character or one from a third party. I'm personally hoping it's cloud Strife. The tour begins on Friday (Nov. 3) so we may see the trailer quite soon, but since Nintendo didn't show the first trailer at their E3 press conference, but instead revealed it later in E3, so who knows when we'll be seeing this trailer.

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Halo movie has been officially postponed

Its final, coming in a press release through 1up, the Halo movie has been postponed.

"As was previously confirmed, we deeply regret that both Universal and Fox did not choose to move forward with financing the Halo film under the original terms of the agreement,...At this time Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh, along with their partner, Microsoft, have mutually agreed to postpone making a feature film based on the Halo video game universe until we can fulfill the promise we made to millions of Halo fans throughout the world that we would settle for no less than bringing a first class film to the big screen."

Too bad Halo fans. But this should only be for a little while. I'm sure another studio will pick it up in a couple of months.

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Wii Steering Wheel boxart!

Ubisoft has updated their online store, and this time, they have added on the box art for their steering wheel for the Wii-mote. It looks pretty cool.

The wheel will sell for $19.99 and will go on sale in November according to the website. This wheel is sure to be a hit since it will work with any racing game.


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Metal Gear Solid- PSP bundle

Sony will be releasing two special editions of their PSP handhelds, packaged in with a copy of 'Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops".

The packages are set to release on December 22 for $248 American for the cheaper package, and $338 for the other one, that as far as we can tell, just includes a prettier strap and case for the PSP.

The handhelds will be a camouflage instead of the regular black color.


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Confirmed: Japan will get Wii with DVD

GameIndustry.biz is reporting that Nintendo has told them that there will be a DVD enabled Wii released later in Japan.

From the article:

"Speaking to GI.biz, a spokesperson declined to comment on when the new machine will hit the shops, but did confirm, "There are currently plans to release a version of Wii in Japan featuring DVD playback. He added, "There are currently no plans to bring this model to Europe or the US.""

The article also commented on the rumor about CNN being the news provider for the Wii, but Nintendo has called these rumors false. The same with the rumor from EDGE magazine saying that the Wii was originally going to launch at $200.

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Cooking Mama for the Wii video

Thanks to an anonymous commentor on our recent "Cooking Mama" story, we have brought you a video of the game. It looks MUCH better than I previously expected. My only problem with it is that it looks like everything is pretty much planned out for you. Such as where you have to cut, and do things like that. But if you can make a bunch of real world recipes in it, it is sure to be a hit.

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Canadian FutureShop, Wal-Mart, and Superstore not pre-ordering Wii

FutureShop, the Canadian version of BestBuy, will not be pre-ordering the Wii, or at least the stores that we have talked to. When we asked them how many units they planned on getting, they did not yet know. They said that they plan on getting the Wii units 2 days before launch day, on November 19th.

The Wal-Mart that we talked to also said that they are not pre-ording, and when asked if they will start selling on launch day, they said "That's the plan." The employee who we talked with did not sound to confident, but I'm sure that a major chain like Wal-Mart will make the November 19th launch day.

For those of you up in Canada, we also talked to a local Superstore, and they said that they will be getting their consoles on launch day, but once again, no plans on pre-ordering.

This is good news for Canadian gamers who can make it out on Sunday, but can't get around to pre-ordering the unit. I guess there are going to be a lot of people camping out.

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Wii Sports, put simply, fails

Matt from IGN has updated his blog and this time he is talking about Wii Sports.

The news about the Wii isn't good. Here is a little exert from is blog:

" Take, for example, Wii Sports Tennis. You don't control anything except the swing of your player's racket. The movement of these Mii-alike athletes is all done automatically by the game. You simply swing the Wii remote back and forth to make your on-screen character do the same thing. You can even control the power of your shots. Nothing to it and true enough, most of the time it all works and feels just fine. You swing the racket and your motion is reflected on the tennis court. However, ether I'm completely missing something or sometimes the directions and motion of your swings goes ignored. You might swing your racket to the left, for instance, and the ball will go flying off to the right, anyway. "

He also has many more complaints. Make sure to check out his website.


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You can now cook on the Wii

Majesco today confirmed that "Cooking Mama: Cook Off" will be coming out for the Wii. This means that gamers will be able to slice and dice, all using the Wii-mote.

This is great news for Nintendo, which hopes to grab casual gamers and non-gamers with more simple games. This game will fall under that category, and will hopefully help Nintendo sell a couple more consoles. Coming to a nursing home near you soon!

From Majesco:

"Making special use of the Wii Remote, Cooking Mama: Cook Off is an entertaining blend of mashing, slicing, chopping and stirring as players create more than 300 real-world recipes from 10 different nations. New realistic graphics and real-time cooking effects lend authenticity to player creations and help budding chefs determine when food is overcooked. Best of all, Cooking Mama: Cook Off offers 2-player kitchen competitions to determine who can cook the best meal the fastest. "

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Xbox 360 dashboard update!

Microsoft will be updating their Xbox 360 dashboard TOMMORROW on October 31st. Here is a list of updates for the system.

New Features
  • HD 1080p video mode support over VGA and component cables.
  • Xbox 360™ HD DVD Player support.
  • Stream WMV video from a Windows PC running Windows Media Player 11, Zune software, or Windows Media Connect.
  • Play video from storage devices such as USB flash drives, Xbox 360 Memory Units, etc.
  • Play video from CD or DVD data discs.
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Headset support, including battery level indicator in the Xbox Guide.
  • Video support for 50 Hz HDTV modes (DVD and HD DVD only).
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel support.
  • Set up automatic downloads of newly released Xbox Live Arcade trial games.
  • Support for upcoming release of XNA Game Studio Express (separate download and subscription required.)
  • Stream music, pictures and video from a Zune device.

Xbox Live Arcade

  • Lightning-fast enumeration and listing of all Xbox Live® Arcade games on the console.
  • Find games quickly with two new sort options: Recently Played and By Category.
  • Have all new Xbox Live Arcade games at the ready with auto downloads. Auto downloads optionally adds newly released trial versions of games to active downloads when you enter Xbox Live Arcade.
  • View full achievement info in Xbox Live Arcade, including icons, achievement point details, and descriptions.
  • Friends leaderboard: Compare yourself with friends and view leaderboard details right from the Xbox dashboard.
  • Tell a friend: Send a message to a friend about your newest favorite Xbox Live Arcade game.

DVD Player

  • Optionally disable notifications from Xbox Live while watching DVD movies.
  • Improved support for audio streams on incorrectly authored DVDs.
  • Better handling of unreadable discs.
  • Updated count-down timer.
  • HD DVD player support.
  • Added zoom support for non-anamorphic content.
  • Added support to Family Settings to block Unrated Content

Video Player

  • Improved support for extended all black scenes in WMV content.
  • Added support for Windows Media Video 9 Advanced profile video.
  • Screen saver now becomes active when videos are paused.
  • Now shares UI and player controls with DVD player.
  • Improved video playback while downloading from Xbox Live.
  • Added skip controls (forward approx. 30 seconds, back approx. 7 seconds).
  • Improved messaging around unplayable video content.
  • Added time elapsed and time remaining displays.
  • Improved playback of high bit-rate HD content on fragmented hard drives.
  • Improved visual quality of video playback.
  • Added selectable display modes: default and letterbox zoom.


  • New locale setting for China
  • Improved German translations in console settings.
  • Improved German translations in memory area.
  • Improved Japanese translations in Family Settings.
  • Added localized text for all supported languages in pictures area
  • Improved Spanish translations in camera effects.
  • Improved locale-specific decimal denominators.
  • Added localization support for title menu and main menu in the DVD player.
  • Added localization support for “Attempting to Read Media” system message.

Memory Area

  • Added support for Xbox 360 HD DVD Player content..
  • Added new page for viewing content size by category.

Other System Improvements

  • Updated support for new Daylight Savings changes coming in 2007.
  • Improved support for games to better handle host migration in multi-player matches.
  • Improved Xbox Live Vision camera support for changing room lighting while zooming.
  • Background downloaded videos appear in video area
  • Improved Xbox Live Vision camera support while using VGA.
  • Playing photo slideshows from PC now maintains picture folder hierarchy.
  • Improved user experience when playing and deleting videos from the Games or Media areas.
  • Improved handling of invalid characters during Xbox Live signup.
  • Better handling of watermarks in gamer cards.
  • Improved text for Windows Media Connect..
  • Improved UI performance in Media Center Extender
  • Improved connection support for Buffalo WZR-G108 wireless router when using Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter.
  • Redownload of deleted Arcade Games no longer re-enumerates all games on the Arcade page.
  • Improved visual display of text in themes.
  • Improved support for CD playback after signing up for Xbox Live and losing network connectivity.
  • Improved support for long names of items memory area.
  • Improved handling of gamer pictures downloaded from Xbox Live.
  • Improved background download notifications when downloading many small items from Xbox Live.
  • Improved support for custom backgrounds after returning to the Xbox Dashboard from the Account Management area.
  • Improved network reliability between Windows Media Center Extender on Windows Vista and Xbox 360 consoles using Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter.
  • Improved voice chat quality in Xbox Dashboard and in-game chats.
  • Improved messaging when failing to connect to Windows Media Center Extender.
  • Improved USB keyboard support when using a USB hub.
  • Improved consistency of user experience when deleting various types of content.
  • Improved handling of low storage space for background downloads.
  • Improved handling of Picture streaming from attached Digital Cameras over MTP protocol
  • Improved error messaging for optional iPod support download when storage devices are full.
  • Improved handling of multi-key repeating for USB keyboards.
  • Expanded Family Settings to include support for blocking unrated DVDs and videos.
  • Added ability to clear space from storage devices in download areas.
  • Added support for low-speed and full-speed USB keyboards.
  • Improved CapsLock behavior for USB keyboards.
  • Improved look and feel in Xbox Live Marketplace and Xbox Live Arcade areas.
  • Added redeem code option to Xbox Live signup.
  • Removed system message at the start of new downloads. Messages will be displayed for completed items.
  • Added support for CCV credit card validation field in Xbox Live Marketplace purchase areas.
  • Updated “More Information” instructions in the Xbox Dashboard for connecting an Xbox 360 console to a Windows PC to stream digital media content.
  • Added auto-scroll to long text descriptions in Xbox Dashboard UI.
  • Improved support for DVD insertion while playing a video file.

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At a Microsoft press conference today, Microsoft made a little mistake.

While showing the Xbox 360, curiously enough, in the top corner of the screen, you can see that it says that the hard drive that the Xbox 360 is using contains a 60 GB! This is a a giant leap over the 20 GB hard drive that launched with the top of the line '360' unit.

Microsoft may be coming out with a 60GB hard drive version to rival the top of the line Playstation 3 which has a 60 GB hard drive as well. This new version will most likely come out once Microsoft cuts the price in the current 360's, so this new one will not be too expensive.

This is just another way that Microsoft is shoving it to Sony.

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A Silver PS2 is coming!

Those of you out there who have not yet picked up a Playstation 2, now is the time.

Sony today announced that they will be releasing a limited edition Silver colored PS2 console. The console will also come with a silver controller, which looks very slick.

Sony hopes that with the combination of the PS3 and PS2, they will be able to combat sales of Nintendo's Wii, and Microsoft's Xbox 360. The Sony Playstation 2 was the best selling console of the last generation with 111 million units sold.


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Scans from Nintendo Power Wii launch guide.

A member of the Nintendo Forums, METROID_FAN!, has scanned more than 20 pages of Nintendo Power that includes pretty much a launch guide for the system. Its great to look at. Check it out!

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PS3 will kick up electric bill

According to the guys over at Newlaunches, the PS3 has been confirmed by Sony to take up a whopping 380 watts of electricity. This is a giant leap compared to the PS2 which took up 45 watts, and the Xbox 360 which takes up 160 watts.

So first of all you have to pay the $600+ for the console, then add an extra couple of bucks to your electric bill every month. It is said that no press is bad press, but I don't think that this can apply to the Playstation 3.

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Nintendo still has a few tricks up it's sleeves

Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about the wii, Nintendo reveals that there is still more to know. They will more then likely reveal these new tidbits of info on launch day, or the week leading up to the 19th. What can it be? Is it going to be something astounding like when they revealed the wiimote? New online functions? That mysterious boot disk? A built in sun bed? Maybe even the functionality to play DVDs. Who knows what it is, but you can bet it'll probably sell a few more wiis

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Devil May Cry 4 looks great!

Some new 'Devil May Cry 4' pictures have been floating around and we have them here too. They look VERY good, and they look like real-time gameplay.

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New Sega game for the Wii

JeuxFrance has just started a new rumor. That Sega will be creating a new game for the Wii. They said, "It should be noted that according to our sources, Sega should reveal a new play soon "that everyone waits" on Nintendo Wii."

This comes after information in EDGE Magazine said that Sega moved developers from their Playstation 3 section over to work on the Wii, so this would make sense. JeuxFrance said that Sega will be revealing a game that "that everyone waits (for)". That would mean that the game is fairly popular.

But what game would be coming out next? Doubtfully another Sonic game. It could be another game in the Phantasy Star series, or even Full Auto. Virtua Fighter could also come out, but I doubt that Sega would want to come out with a fighting game for the Wii until somebody else does it great first.

Who knows, maybe even Jet Set Radio. We will find out in the upcoming months.

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Xbox 360 price drop isn't close

An article from the SeattlePI says

"A Microsoft spokesman said last week that the company has "no plans to adjust the price of the Xbox 360 this year."

Unless the company alters course, that would rule out a price reduction for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

"They'll hold off dropping the price as long as they possibly can," said Matt Rosoff, analyst at independent research firm Directions on Microsoft.

In contrast, Microsoft reduced the price of the original Xbox by $100 six months after its debut. But this time around, the situation is different. In addition to the PS3's price difference, the Xbox 360 has a yearlong head start."

This is bad news for Nintendo fans who were also planning on buying a 360 this holiday season, or soon after. I guess that the 'Wii-60' package will be put on hold for most Nintendo gamers.

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Necro-Nesia updates

Necro-Nesia, the creepy game from 'Spike' that resembles 'Resident Evil 4', has updated their website.

It truely is an amazing website to play around with. Its very well built and has a really cool feeling to it. On the page, you see a little nunchuck down in the corner that you use as a flashlight, its very amusing.

The game is set to release at launch in Japan, and as of now, no US launch date has been announced.

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'Playstation Store' VIDEO and more news

This just in guys, we have a video of the 'Playstation Store' that will be featured on the Playstation 3. This is rich, they think that the PS3 will have the largest online network. But I guess time will tell.

In the store you can get demos for the latest retail games, watch trailors for movies, you can buy PS1 content on the PS3, and also said something about playing PS3 games online without buying the disk from retail. We don't really know what they mean by this though, if they mean you can buy PS3 games online, or just certain levels.

Also, this is AMAZING, but once you buy content on the store, you can download it as many times as you want. You can also go to your friends house, log into your account, and download the content on up to 5 different systems.

They also said downloadable games will be 14.99 and less. We presume that they were talking about PS1 games. Which is fairly cheap, but still more expensive that the N64 games that the Wii will be offering for about $10. The store will also show what other people are downloading and what games are most popular.

If you catch anything different, drop us a line, blog.gonext@gmail.com

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World of Warcraft TCG: first-impressions

On Wednesday I managed to get my hands on a starter deck of the World of Warcraft trading card game. The game is based off Blizzards insanely popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft (and not an anime for once.)

To win a match, all you have to do is deplete your opponents health. Fortunately for all of you WoW fanboys (and girls) Upperdeck is taking care in making this game. The card art is done by famous artists, such as Todd McFarlane, the creator of Spawn, and Gabe from Penny Arcade. The first thing that struck me was the impressive carrying case that the starter decks come in. These babies are made out of plastic instead of cardboard, and open up like a book to reveal clips to hold the rule book and on the opposite side are depressions with a plastic cover to hold your cards in. Inside each starter case is a rule book, three over sized hero cards, a pre-constructed deck based off of one of the nine classes, and two booster packs. Unfortunately you don't know what deck you've got until you open the case. I was fortunate enough to beat the 1/9 odds and get a shaman deck, but my friend wasn't as fortunate. another thing is that since the giant cards are random, you only have 1/3 chance of getting the over sized counter part of your deck's hero.

Another problem is that the decks are for "starters" and only contain 30 cards plus a hero, half the tournament standards. This is where the booster packs come in. Each pack comes with an impressive 15 cards, and times that by two, you have 30, and 30+30=60, the tournament amount right? Wrong. There will only be a few cards in the pack that match your hero's faction or class, meaning you'll have to buy more packs before you can even think about tournaments. A cool thing UDE is doing is that they're throwing in "UDE points" cards into each pack, and you can redeem these cards online to gain cosmetic upgrades to you're WoW character.

The cards themselves are well made and are rater thick. UDE is also releasing "raid" decks, the first being Onxia's Lair. These decks are incredibly powerful, and require more then one player to defeat. The next expansion, "The Dark Portal," will introduce cards from Burning Crusade, such as Blood Elves and the Drenai. And finally, yes, there is a Leeroy Jenkins card.


Wii Boxart Template

The guys over at WiiStyle managed to find a blank Wii-boxart template. Its pretty interesting to look at. Head over there and check it out!


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Third party nunchuck-- With a 'D-Pad'


BigBen Interactive, a company that makes accessories for consoles such as the PS2, Xbox, and Gamcube, are launching into the world of the Wii with a strange peripheral attachment for the Wii-mote.

The device looks almost exactly like the Wii's Nunchuck, but instead of having an analogue stick, it has a 'D-Pad', and it is black. One question remains with this device. How are gamers supposed to play 'Zelda' with a D-pad? It is possible, but not convenient

[EDIT] Just to answer the question of some of the guys at the Nintendo forums, we do not yet know when it is coming out, or if it is necessarily coming to the US. We here hope that it isn't. For the price, we bet that it will be about $15 dollars, considering that the official Nintendo one will be $20 or so, and this one appears cheaper to make. Oddly enough, it doesn't appear that there is a wire to attach it to the 'Wii-mote', it could be because the device is wireless. As you can see on the side, there is a 'On' and 'Off' switch.

[EDIT] We here don't like to be proved wrong, but we will admit it. The device shown above is actually built for the "ShootPad", not the Nintendo Wii. I'm sure that you can see how we were sure that the controller was for the Wii, and I'm sure that lawsuits from Nintendo will soon follow, (joking.. We think).

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Jack Thompson has a new target

Jack Thompson just doesn't know when to quit. He is now targeting Mortal Kombat Armageddon because the player can create a generic white man with grey hair and a business suit and name him "Jack Thompson." This can be done in the create a character mode. Jack wants Midway to stop selling the game all together. But of course, since he's always on the cutting edge of gaming news, he would have known about last years Soul Calibur 3. Soul Calibur 3 also featured a custom character mode where you could recreated the likes of, oh lets say, Jesus, and have him get the crap kicked out of him. Way to stay on the ball Jack!

Even though I'm very against his accusations, I can understand his reasoning behind getting GTA: San Andreas banned. After he wanted to get the "T" rated game Bully baned, he just seemed like a prick, but this officially makes Jack Thompson seem insane. Yeah I said it, just try to sue us Jack!


Only one color of Wii

In a recent interview, Nintendo’s Planning General Manager Mitsuaki Hagishima, said that Nintendo has no plans to release the Wii in different colors, but they will with the Wii-motes. He said this in a recent issue of Nintendo Dream in Japan.

This would make the Wii like their competitor Microsoft, who is only offering the Xbox 360 in white. The Playstation 3 will be coming in three colors, Black, Silver, and White.

The different color Wii-motes will be offered so that gamers will not confuse their controllers with their friend's ones. It is strange that the Wii will not be coming in other colors considering that the in previous videos, black was shown.

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Fanboys camp out at Toys-R-Us

Here is a video of a bunch of Nintendo and Sony fanboys camping out to pre-order their consoles at Toys-R-Us. It must have been very ackward standing there with a bunch of 9 years olds and their parents the next morning who were waiting for the new 'Tickle-Me-Elmo.

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Red Steel Multiplayer video!

Here is a video of the Red Steel multiplayer for all of you guys who were wondering how it would work. (Don't mind the wierd music)

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'Wii Play' game, with screenshots!


Nintendo of Europe has updated their website with screenshots and more information on a new game, 'Wii Play'.

In Wii Play, the star of the game is you! Create your own personal Mii character with the Wii console's built-in Mii Channel and then play as yourself in this compilation of nine simple, fun games like target shooting, table tennis and fishing.
Wii Play comes bundled with a free Wii Remote, so a friend can instantly join in the action in any of the included games. You can play at home or save your Mii on your Wii Remote and play with it on a friend's console, or use any of the six ready-made guest characters.

Wii Play's nine different games are the perfect introduction to what the Wii Remote can do:

Shooting Range
A modern version of the Nintendo classic Duck Hunt. Shoot the targets on the screen simply by aiming your Wii Remote.

Find Mii
Can you spot a face in the crowd? Use your Wii Remote to point out the correct Mii characters as quickly as you can.

Table Tennis
How long can you ping pong? Use your Wii Remote like a paddle to bat the ball and try to beat the computer or human opponent.

Pose Mii
Twist the Wii Remote to rotate the Mii characters and quickly slot them into the correct positions as they fall down the screen.

Laser Hockey
Tilt and turn the Wii Remote to bash the puck into the opponent's goal, in this high-speed arcade-style game.

In this version of Nine Ball, aim the Wii Remote at the screen to line up your shot, then pull back and push forward to strike the ball.

Move the Wii Remote like a rod: dip the hook in the water, wait for the fish to bite (the controller will rumble) and pull back hard to land it!

Take the bull by the horns! Steer your wild steer by holding the Wii Remote sideways, as if gripping reins, and topple scarecrows to score points

Take control of a tank with the Wii Remote; aim the cannon, bounce shells off walls, and blast your opponent to bits!

•Includes free Wii Remote

•Features nine different games, all playable by one or two players

•Each player can create a Mii character and use it as their in-game persona

•Save your Mii on your Wii Remote and use it on a friend's console

•Compete with friends to earn high scores and earn bronze, silver and gold medals

We cannot guarantee if this game will be coming to North America, stay tuned for details.

[UPDATE] IGN has some short videos over at their site.

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Wii news from EDGE magazine

Here is some of the latest news about the Wii coming out of EDGE:

  • Sega has moved development staff away from the PS3 to the Wii over the summer.
  • Nintendo is planning to launch a DVD enabled Wii in Japan later next year.
  • CNN will provide news for the Wii's News Channel in both American and Japan. They will be separated by category and country.
  • Wii Sports will be the Super Mario 64 of the Wii
  • There are still numerous Wii Channel slots left open, which will most likely be filled in firmware updates.
  • Nintendo would have launched the Wii at $200 but they were pressured to raise the price by retailers. (It doesn't make much sense really, but supposedly it was because of margins and junk like that.)
Also, just an interesting little fact, in an interview with Laurent Fischer, the marketing director at Nintendo of Europe, he said he's not worried about people downloading ROMS and playing the games on their computer, because most people want to play it on their TV with a good controller anyways.

Truth be told though, you could just hook your laptop up to the TV and get a PC controller at the store, but most Nintendo fans will buy the games from the Virtual Console anyways.

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EB has a 'Wii' little screw up

Select EB Game stores has a count down timer outside of their store. This is to keep the Nintendo fan-boys out of the store checking in everyday. The timer counts down how long it will be until the Wii is released to the public.

Well, EB in Glasgow messed up with their timer. The timer (as seen below), said "Out Now!!!", this obviously caused large groups of people to run into the store, and then walk back out in disappointment.

Good job guys, good job.